The bridge that connects TradFi and DeFi in Africa

Our mission is to connect Africa's traditional finance and the decentralized finance world giving Africans access to the financial opportunities of web3.

What is Paychant?

A non-custodial Fiat on- and off-Ramp payments infrastructure in Africa.

Paychant On and off ramp widgets

Paychant provides a regulatory-compliant fiat on/off-ramps payments infrastructure for Web3 wallets and dApps to allow their users in Africa to easily buy and sell digital assets using Africa's traditional payment methods, supporting over 100+ banks, and 10+ mobile money wallets in Africa.

We enable African users to seamlessly move between fiat and crypto directly from their dApps or wallet of choice.

Paychant is the bridge that connects the old financial world and the new Web3 world in Africa.


Supported blockchain


Supported assets


Supported payment methods

Why we are motivated

Our goals

We are committed to building seamless solutions that would enable people in emerging economies to participate and benefit from the decentralized finance world.

Give Africans access to Web3

Our infrastructure empowers users in Africa to onboard into any web3 applications of their choice through local bank payments and mobile money wallets.

Help wallets and dApps onboard Africans

Localized Fiat on and off Ramp rails are key to onboarding new users in Africa, that's why we’ve developed an industry-leading payments infrastructure that supports all traditional payment methods in Africa.

Fiat-To-Crypto Conversion on All Chains

Easy access for Africans to buy and sell different digital assets and stablecoins across multiple blockchain protocols such as Celo, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Binance chain, and more.

We are supported by forward-thinking people in Web3

Sep Kamvar

Rene Reinsberg

Co-Founder Celo,
President, Celo Foundation

Sep Kamvar

Tara Fung

Co-Founder & CEO

Sep Kamvar

Marek Olszewski

Co-Founder Celo
CTO, cLabs

Sep Kamvar

Ed Walters


Sep Kamvar

Sep Kamvar


Sep Kamvar

Kwame van Leeuwen

Managing Partner
Riposte Management

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